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Energize Your Brand!

PACE: The  Carnival Experience!


Welcome to PACE, a unique opportunity for  sponsors to dive into the vibrant world of Caribbean Carnival and Soca Music-infused dance fitness. Imagine the energy of Zumba combined with Caribbean dance, all in the colorful spirit of the Notting Hill Carnival. PACE is more than an event; it's a dynamic platform for team-building and brand exposure.


 Engagement with a Twist:

PACE offers an exciting mix of dance fitness and cultural celebration. It's an innovative way to engage your team and clients, combining wellness with the infectious energy of a carnival.


Experience the Vibrancy:

Led by top instructors, PACE is suitable for everyone, providing an inclusive, high-energy environment perfect for  networking and socializing.


Benefits for Sponsors:

PACE provides a unique cultural engagement opportunity, connecting sponsors with diverse audiences. It's a chance to align your brand with creativity, health, and the joy of the carnival spirit.


Join Us:

Elevate your  presence by becoming a PACE sponsor. Engage with a vibrant community, enhance your brand visibility, and experience a new way of  socializing.


PACE: A Fusion of Fitness, Culture, and  Spirit!

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